Stage Magic Show

Marko's magic stage show is the highlight of your event!.

Magic Show with magician and Contact Juggling ball

In his stage show Marko shows fascinating tricks for a larger audience.

The magical journey contains everything from classical magic, mentalism to all kinds of surprising entertainment. Experience a versatile magic show.

Drinks appear from nowhere, glasses levitate, crazy ropes defy logic, unbelievable predictions will become reality…
Have you heard of Rocky yet, the plush raccoon, who has become the audience's favorite?

Magic Entertainment for your guests

Magic Show with Marko Ripperger

The impossible becomes possible while you can relax and enjoy the show.

Your special requests, themes or products can be integrated into the magic show.

The duration can vary, depending on the occasion, from 15 to 90 minutes.

Look forward to a firework of magic!!

On stage you can use everything but common sense. "(Jean-Jacques Rousseau).
Be invited to forget about your "common sense" together with Marko.

Magician Marko Ripperger offers special entertainment for your event!
For bookings and inqiries please contact me.